1. To which bank account do I make my payment?

Online payments can be made through an online payment service.

If payment didn’t go through while placing an order, you can click on the formula at the very bottom of the order placement confirmation that came to your e-mail address. You’ll be redirected to the service website where you can retry to make a payment.

Bank details:


Noble Health Sp. z o.o
ul. Franciszka Legackiego 7
26-600 Radom, Poland

mBank S.A.

Account number:
PLN: 83 1140 2020 0000 4874 1400 1002
EUR: PL 56 1140 2020 0000 4874 1400 1003
USD: PL 29 1140 2020 0000 4874 1400 1004


2. What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay cash upon receipt of the goods (cash upon delivery) or online by e-transfer or credit card.

3. What do I do if I chose an online payment and I didn’t make the payment?

An online payment can be made within 4 working days from the moment of placing the order. This is done by clicking on the formula in the order placement confirmation. If the payment is not made after 4 working days, the order will be automatically cancelled.

PayU PayPal VISA masteracrd

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